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Hi all you experienced dog owners.....

Ok, well I have had Coal for a week now and I have a question about how much time he needs interacting with us during the day. We take him out to play often and otherwise he is in an exercise pen in the kitchen during the day. Sometimes I feel bad that he is cooped up in that pen but I don't really want him all over the house yet (especially on my carpets!). Am I doing the right thing? Does he need to be able to explore the house or should that be something that comes in time (and with housebreaking)? I want him to be happy. My mother got a puppy from the same litter and I can't help but think that her puppy is having more fun than mine! My mother has a labrador retriever and her puppy and the lab play and play all day. Coal just has us. Am I doing anything wrong?

Coal's Mom
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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