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This is for jderden becasue your Robi sounds alot like my dog Ace. Just try and go with it - lots of exercise to drain his energy. Include mental stuff - like practicing commands for treats and car rides to new places. Yes, its' tiring but dogs like this need it. Also lots of positive reinforcement for good behavior. In addition to learning what not to do, they need to learn what to do. Here's the thing, little by little Ace calmed/slowed down. Still very smart, still wants to play ball as much as we will agree too, but he got easier. I think your gonna have a great dog with Robi and at 1 and a 1/2 you'll see a big change for the positive, than every six months after that.....good luck!

BTW - the whole thing with the pillows, etc, is one big game to Robi. Trying to get you up and playing. We just still keep putting stuff we don't want him to get is behind closed doors!! But his latest is grabbing the toilet paper roll and giving us a run! Sometimes we have the energy to play along, other times we're just like ack, give him the tricky treat ball to amuse himself while we watch Big Bang Theory. lol
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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