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I hope that your vet can shed a little light on isn't usual for a puppy to urinate so often unless there is a medical or physical reason.

Also, it may be a result of how she was raised...but that is only one of many possibilities. If she was put in a small space and not taken out, she may have become used to peeing in her crate.

I have puppies that are not yet ready for their forever homes, but they all use puppy pads...and have been for weeks! Now, they don't hit the pad every time, mind you, but they always go to the pad and THINK they are on it!

They do piddle often...they don't have a lot of bladder control at an early age, so a lot depends on your puppy's age and how she was housed at the breeders.

Otherwise, I would suspect that your vet had some suggestions for you today...hope all went well.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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