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how much pee can one dog have??

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i don't know if something is wrong with maggie or this is normal, but i'm at my wit's end.

we take her out at regular times and even though she's had accidents, things have been going pretty well. well, yesterday and today haven NOT been going well. i just took her out, she peed twice and we came back in side. we played for about 20 minutes and then i had to put her in her crate so i could put my kids down for a nap. i came back not 5 minutes later and she had peed in her crate!! what gives?? she had JUST gone out to pee. she did the same thing all day yesterday. if she was a cat, i'd say it was spiteful peeing but i've heard dogs don't do that.

any ideas? i don't think she has a UTI because she is peeing tons and doesn't seem to be in pain when she does it. (but we have a vet appointment tomorrow for her second set of shots so i'll ask the dr. to check her out).

potty training a puppy is about 1000 times harder than potty training kids.
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I am not going to tell you I know what might be wrong, but I will tell you Gunner did the exact same thing for a day or two. Oddly enough, it was the day before his second series of shots. I spoke with the vet about it and she said if it continued to bring him back, but she thought he was just being a puppy and not wanting to stop what he was doing for fear he would miss out on the fun. It made sense at the time and he stopped the next day. At least I hope that normalizes your situation.

PS. I have a 2 yr. old who needs to be potty trained if you are offering! Ha! Ha!

Good Luck!
thank you! that makes me feel so much better. she just woke up from a nap and her crate is wet again. i was sitting on the couch next to her the whole time she was napping and she never once whined or barked or stirred. groan.

i'll talk to the vet tomorrow and see what she says. i hope this is a passing phase!

(oh, and no thanks on the potty training offer! lol!) :D
yeah, I think discussing it with the vet is your best bet.

Hope it nothing too serious!

I hope that your vet can shed a little light on isn't usual for a puppy to urinate so often unless there is a medical or physical reason.

Also, it may be a result of how she was raised...but that is only one of many possibilities. If she was put in a small space and not taken out, she may have become used to peeing in her crate.

I have puppies that are not yet ready for their forever homes, but they all use puppy pads...and have been for weeks! Now, they don't hit the pad every time, mind you, but they always go to the pad and THINK they are on it!

They do piddle often...they don't have a lot of bladder control at an early age, so a lot depends on your puppy's age and how she was housed at the breeders.

Otherwise, I would suspect that your vet had some suggestions for you today...hope all went well.
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I would definitely have this checked out by a vet ASAP. It sounds like a possible Urinary Tract Infection to me. Does she seem to be in pain when she pees? Does the pee look normal? I've had a doodle with an UTI, and peeing often and loosing bladder control are all symptoms...

And Jac's right, peeing in a crate is highly untypical.

Hope you'll have a chance to have a vet look at her and keep us posted!


Hang in there. It takes a little while for them to get better control, and they eventually WILL get it.

This is also a great time to be teaching your dog the "Go Potty" command.

More on the "Go Potty" command

Lets us knoe what your vet says when you take her in it will help other owners if they have the same issue. :oops:
took maggie to the vet

thanks for all the advice! i took maggie in this morning and the vet wasn't concerned (well, she was at first when i told her maggie was peeing non-stop but when i explained it, she was ok). the vet said that maggie still doesn't have the bladder control and sometimes puppies (she is 9 weeks old) only pee a little bit outside because they are so excited. then they get in their crate and still have to go. maggie whined when i put her back in her crate but i assumed it was b/c she didn't want to go. apparently she still had to pee.

so. maggie seems to be fine (except for a major vomitting episode in the car on the way home. gah-ross.) and is quietly sleeping. the vet said if it continues to happen in the next few days OR gets worse, to call and bring her back in.

so we'll see. thanks!
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