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How much exercise is too much?

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We walk briskly every evening for approximately 30 mins. He seems to enjoy it, but I wonder if it too fast or long. I want to start walking him in the morning also. How much is to much and how far is too far?
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Hello Amanda, I'm sure your doodle would love a walk in the morning and one in the evening, this is not too much. You don't say how old your doodle is, I would just caution you on walking him too much or too fast on hard pavement while he is growing. You want to be careful of those growing joints :)
Careful on steep inclines/declines and steps as well. Baby those hips and knees while they are babies. :)
Thanks for you responses. Gunner is 11 weeks old. We have a lake and trails in the neighborhood. I will take him there for one of his daily walks.

We do have stairs and I try to keep him from going up, but I am not always successful. I carry him up in the evening and down first thing in the morning, but he has no fear. Hum!?!
I have a baby stair-gate at the bottom of my stairs to prevent my doodle from going up and down stairs. My breeder recommended this as their hips could be affected by going up and down stairs. Unfortunately, this has not stopped Betty from dashing round the sitting room and jumping on and off the chairs!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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