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How big will my doodle get?

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Newbie here!

My Callie (F1 Standard) just turned 7 months old. At her last vet visit (6 months), she weighed 47 lbs (I'd guess she's probably closer to 55 now), and about 22" high at the shoulder.

Her dad was a large-ish field type black lab, and her mom was a not so small standard poodle. Can anyone guesstimate how large Callie will be as an adult? And when are doodles considered to be 'adults"? I know larger dogs mature slower than smaller ones. Callie is my fourth dog, but my first puppy, so I'm not sure.

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Riley is 5.5 months old, 36 lbs and 22" at the shoulder.

She is expected to get to be 45-55 lbs and possibly a little taller.
the chart that tykesmom posted is now here:

it shows that Riley should be 26.5 inches and 46 lbs at maturity. i guesstimated that she is at 80% of her height and 70% of her weight. So, what the vet said is right on. =)
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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