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How big will he get.......

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Toby weighed 42.2 lbs last night. He'll be five months January 8. When does the growing slow down some?
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Wow! Sounds like Toby will be a big boy! Molly is 23 lbs. right now (5 months) and the vet estimated her full size at 40 lbs. Toby may be a 70 pounder!
Boone is only 14 weeks now and already at 25 lbs. I think we're gonna have a monster on our hands!
His parents were really huge... Mama was 55lbs and dad was around 75.
Hey Wannadoodle,

doesn't sound too out of sync for a standard sized LD. My Pacha (female) was about 40 pounds at 5 months. The growing will slow down from about 6 months. She's now 11 months and about 65 pounds. I don't think she'll become much taller, just fill out a little bit more.

I'd say your Toby may grow to between 65 and 70 pounds adult weight, which is within "normal range" for Standard Size.
Phantom was 38 pounds at 4 months, and i expected him to be 85 punds, and at just over a year he is now 87 pounds. If you know the weight at 4 months, you can double that and add 5-10 pounds. Now that rule does not always apply, so it is just kind of a guessing tool.
Chester's last visit had him at 92 pounds...he's not a fat doodle just a big guy. Although I don't realize how big until he is around other dogs.
Exactly the way Phantom is. He is just a big guy. My mom always commented on how heavy he was even at 10 weeks. She could no believe a puppy could be that heavy. He is tall, and thin and just big bones, I guess.
Geez...I'm beginning to think we have a midget-doodle!
Hey Molly,

If the vet says he'll be 40 lbs as an adult, he will indeed be somewhere between a miniature and medium LD (see the weight chart at: Are you sure his parents were standard size? (can't imagine two standards producing a miniature LD?)

But as they say; does size really matter? ;)
Shannon, maybe Chester and Phantom are of the jumbo variety Labradoodles!
Actually, I know of ones just as big.. LOL I know one that is 80 pounds, and another that is huge at 110 pounds. This one place that breeds them breeds them big!!!! You are right about them being big. I just thought that was normal, but I guess not. LOL I like em big. The bigger the better..
Holy cow!!! I better teach this man to heal or he's gonna kill me. He's very sweet but loose leash walking is not his specialty. Molly is really more what I expected. Toby's mom was the lab and she wasn't a whole lot bigger than he is right now. No Michael----size doesn't matter. :p
Our UK Bella's been ill so much it's difficult to say what size she'll turn out. At nearly 8 months, she's 16.5 kilos - roughly 33lbs. Now that she has had a diagnosis, and is on food that she likes, I wonder if she'll make up the ground?

Her parents were relatively small - but I still think she's behind on her growth...
She will make up some ground I am sure.. Glad to hear she is doing better. I have a 48 pound lab, so she could just be on the small side..
Murphy weighed 27 pounds at 12 weeks.

My poodle Molly weighed 13 at 13 weeks and now weighs about 64
Abbie is 56lbs. at 18 months....she looks much bigger because of all of her fur!! :lol:
Back to the vet - for the eye problem-- Toby weighed in at 47.5 lbs. (5 m onths exactly).
doodle size

You're in for an adventure! I wouldn't place any bets on predictions
either! :lol: These Doodles can fool you. My Doodle[Reagan] turned
one on August 19th, and at the vet last week - weighed in at a dainty
108 pounds.
I pray she's done growing - but who knows? She was a 'normal' size
puppy, no clues [paws] to her future weight. She has always been a fussy
eater, so food issues have not contributed to her size.[ She just stoled my
Egg McMuffin while I typed] Reagan is just a big girl - with a big Doodle
heart :!: :!: :D

108 lbs!! wow!! That's big for a Lab or Golden female, not to mention a doodle!

I'm a complete failure at predicting size/weights. With the poodles being so much more slightly-built, I think the heights are a tad easier, in that with 2 parents you can sort of figure that's the range. But I've been wrong before, with one of our F1b males being a full 2" taller than his mom or dad. But he is slightly built, or all legs, :wink: so his weight is on the poodle side of things.

Seems like a breeders' forum I visit had a formula at 2mos. or at 4mos. <?> Sorry can't remember. Jac? Do you remember that one?
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