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Housetraining Part 2 and

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HI everyone!!

ok for any newbies and others ,
I write/post weekly articles that are definitely Honest, somwhat humorous as i admit my mistakes and what dogs really do, and
for those thinking of getting a doodle hahhahahaa make sure you're ready for a loving adventure.
Right now i have been going on chronological order and will speed things up real soon since i have 3 doodles now hahahhahaa (total insanity and tons of love and laughs),

this week's article


to newbies: the link is always listed under my signature
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Bwahahahaha....oh ...her we go again!!! Love it!!!!
Great article usual!!......clap,clap,clap!!!!!! Did you stand up and take a bow yet??? :wink:
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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