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Housetraining Part 2 and

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HI everyone!!

ok for any newbies and others ,
I write/post weekly articles that are definitely Honest, somwhat humorous as i admit my mistakes and what dogs really do, and
for those thinking of getting a doodle hahhahahaa make sure you're ready for a loving adventure.
Right now i have been going on chronological order and will speed things up real soon since i have 3 doodles now hahahhahaa (total insanity and tons of love and laughs),

this week's article


to newbies: the link is always listed under my signature
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Linda said:
Is that a photo of Peanut going poo???


Great article!
YES IT SURE IS! hahahhahahaaa as Dave says, "nothing is sacred in our household" hahhaaaaaaaa
Raleighsmom said:
Bwahahahaha....oh ...her we go again!!! Love it!!!!
Great article usual!!......clap,clap,clap!!!!!! Did you stand up and take a bow yet??? :wink:
I thought that was what i was doing in that picture hahahhahahaa

and I really did believe that pic was BEHIND me then again with a 3rd doodle now I see no END to the jokes i manage to provide your back and side buddy hahhhahahhahahaaaaa heh heh heh
OH OH VAnessa!! i saw the double standard in that one! ohhhhh you wait, you'll end up just like me hahahhaaaaaaa

OH GENE, DAVE wants to know if he can turn me in and split the $5000?
(after he stops laughing so hard)

and hey that pic makes my butt look fat!!
I just LOVE all the support I get from y'all especially GENE! hahhahaaa

know what? in a blonde moment recently I deleted that nice behind the scenes pic ONLY to see it appear once again. hahhaha forgot someone may have copied it :roll:

and MARY ---nice try honey hahhaaaaaaaa
Becky you are a Quiet instigator and i'll remember y'all in my will hahhaaa

I'll get you my little pretties! :twisted: :mrgreen:
I am amazed at how open everyone is here on the forum and takes delight in looking at things from different angles!!!Wow!!!

NOw if my articles could be as a big his as my butt!! hahahaaa
if i ever finish writing my book PERHAPS i should use that pic as the front cover? hhahhahaa
GENE....i may make TYPOs here and there, I may not always catch on to something right away, I may be crazy to have 3 dogs

but I ALWAYS REMEMBER hhhahahahhahaaaaaaaaahehhehheh :twisted:

then again who can forget a face like this?
MY VERY own PERSONAL Sat nite live Conehead hahhahaa

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1 - 7 of 26 Posts
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