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Hi. Thanks for all the info on the diahrrea questions I had. Now I have another. My doodle is 17 weeks old. Still having accidents in the house. We take him out at least every 2 hours. He gives us no, I mean absolutely no indication of when he has to go, just stops what he's doing and goes. Very frustrating. Trying to maintain an even keel, but, he is literally peeing all over the house. It would be understandable it we were ignoring signals he's giving, but, I really don't think we are. I am with him all day, he's not left alone. I now believe he knows when he's doing wrong, but, still...
If anyone out there can give me any insight on this, please do. I've been reading all the entries of how everyone has their dog house trained by 9 or 12 weeks, if this is true, we obviously have a problem here. Please help!!!!
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Hi Charlieg,

The first thing I would suggest is to take him to the vet and be sure he is physically okay. There are many reasons that dogs don't become housebroken...and often it is due to an illness.

Once you rule that out, then you can focus on methods.

I had a female Goldendoodle that was hard to train...for some reason, she just didn't get it. Then one day, the lightbulb turned on and she has been great ever since...there is no magic age that they become trained.

Often the signals are so indistinct that you just don't see it. None of my dogs will signal that they need to go out...unless they are about ready to pop...then they might paw at either me or my husband...but usually they just sit by us and look up at us. We always take them out then...and they always need to potty.

You need to be sure that you are cleaning the odor out of the floor, which is really hard to do...but Nature's Miricle will help.

For us, a doggie door is the best thing we could have, we have no problem with accidents...ever.

Here are some good ideas: ... C=0&A=1707
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