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I have a six month old Lab F1B. she is wonderful! She seems to be able to learn quite quickly in most areas of training such as no jumping, sit, stay, lay, No, fetching and returning a ball and others. My problem is she still pees upstairs sometimes, I have her crate trained, and thought I did everything the correct way in training her. I have read at least 4 different books on puppy training but can't figure out how to stop this habit completely. Any suggestions?
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ok 1 get a newspaper,,roll it up,,go in the bathroom,,look in the mirror,,,hit yourself on top of the head,,,,LOL (kidding) well kinda

What i have done is just take them back to the spot,,fuss,,drag them outside fussing entire way,, be consistant in this behavior every single time,,she will get the message,,,hope this helps,, :)
You're doing good by crate training her, but I would bet that she doesn't realize that upstairs is part of her den. They don't want to urinate in the places that they think is their home (where they eat, sleep, and play). I would try spending more time in the rooms that she pees in. If it's one particular room, try feeding her there for a few days. She will start to get the idea that it is part of her house. I think another reason dogs tend to pee on the second floor is that we're not always right there to catch them. If they pee in your living room, you're probably nearby. But if they pee in an extra bedroom, you're not as likely to see it and treat it with a stain remover. I would try to treat the old stains with Nature's Miracle or another similar product. Good luck!

Bridget, Summer, and Duke
I agree with Bridget. She has given good advice The dog probably doesn't see the upstairs as part of the home. Our labradoodle was doing the same thing in the basement of our house. We bought a baby gate and put it across the stairs so she can't go down there unaccompanied - that worked.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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