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home alone

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Our puppy Penny just turned 13months. She is usually crated during the day but has been out much of the summer because the kids are home. We were hoping to maybe not crate her this fall, but confine her to the kitchen. Do you think she is too young for this? Any suggestions?
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My doodle is 13-14 months old and he was never crate trained. Luckily for me he isnt a chewer so thats never been a problem. I dont think Penny is too young but if she likes to chew on things that arent her toys then maybe she isnt ready to be left roaming around. Even then, if you make sure everything is cleaned up in your kitchen and nothing left out for her to get into then I think it would be ok!
I think it would be fine too. I stopped crating my doodle at about 4 1/2 months and started putting him in the laundry room instead. I puppy proofed it beforehand. Then I put him in there for short periods to see how he did, and built up from there. He does great (he's 7 months old now) He even graduated to using the pet door, going out through the garage and and having access to a small fenced area outside when we are gone for several hours. I fenced off part of the garage that I didn't want him to have access to. She might like her crate to be in the kitchen so she can lay down in it if she wants to.
I agree that this should work out fine. I still would arrange for someone to come in and take her out to play for a while during the day. Do you have a doggie door to your outside? If you have a fenced yard, you might want to consider that, unless she is a barker or a digger.

If she is a chewer, you might have problems...but at her age, she is turning into an adult dog and should begin to settle down...

I guess that the main thing is that you are the only person who knows of your dog's activity level and your judgment...remember you are not only trying to keep your home safe, but your dog too.
our doodle is 4 and half months, we have never left him alone yet, I dont want to crate him but dont trust him not to chew. He is only crated at night to sleep, he associates the crate as his bed, ant advice please
My guys are one year old this week. They have never been left out in the house when we're gone. Grace is a ferocious chewer and just can't stop snitching things. She has gotten hold of number of dangerous items like, cans of paint, and barbeque forks. This behavior is getting less and less frequent, but I think it'll be a long time before she can be left alone in the house.

Every dog is different. Jac is right, you just have to know your dood and trust your instincts.
Tucker is 10 months. We only have to crate him 1-2 days a week. I also wonder when he can be left out in the house. Too scared to try yet and he suddenly has developed an insatiable appetite for socks! Clean, dirty, still on your feet-he doesnt care! Maybe I'll be brave and try to leave him for short periods.....Good luck to us all! :D husband gave in...he says that socks are a relatively cheap dog toy! (He is right, but be sure they don't swallow the sock!) :lol:
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