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Hives after Shots

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We had a scare last night, we had given Gracielou (yelloe Lab) we gave all our dogs their yearly shots yesterday (except rabies) and after about 30 minutes or so Gracie started shaking her head. She had some ear problems lately so I've been cleaning her ears quire often. But this was worse she acted like she needed to go potty so we let her out, when she came back in she was covered in hives and ichting something horrible. Well of course I called my vets office and someone is also on call but not always easy to get ahead of. I call dixiedi, I call Jac, I was pretty sure Benadryl would help but wasn't sure. I then called Julia Dixiedi vets it is 10:00 at night by the way. We had no Bendryl in the house so my Husband runs out to try and find some, all he could find was childrens which is liquid, Julia had told me how much to give her in pills but not thinking about the childrens so now I have the medicine but don't now how much to give her. So I call di and Jac back they weren't sure how much. My vet still hasn't called, so I called Julia again and she told me how much to give her and watch her for an hour if she didn't get better take her in and get a shot. You give them 1 MG per pound my thing was I had nothing that measured MG. I called Julia back and she said give her 24 ml since she weighs aroung 55 to 60 pounds. She has never had a reaction to shots before and I always buy the same ones, this scared us like no other. I mean my poor baby had Hives all over her. By the way my vet did call about 10:45 and also gave me his cell phone number, and told me if I needed to take her in call him don't take her to the emergency care unit.

Anyway she is doing fine the Benadryl kicked in really fast, the hives didn't leave right away but her itching and shaking her head stop almost instantly.

Just wanted to Thank di and jac for all their support and putting up with my late night phone calls.
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Linda, that was a frightening episode and on a Sunday night! Glad she is better. Sawyer had areaction to the Revolution parasite prevention where he was itching and scratching uncontrolably, but no hives that I could see. He nearly scratched his skin raw though. It make me itch all over just thinking about it!
What a scare! I didn't realize you could actually see hives on a dog. Poor baby.
Yeah it looked at first like she had gone outside and rolled around and messed her hair up but since she is a Lab you could see the bumps and at first I wasn't sure it was hives then I felt of them and could tell they were bumps so I knew it had to be hives. It was scary now I don't know if I should ever give her anymore shots other than rabies.
I just want to say that this experience (thank God Gracielou is better!) taught me a valuable lesson...I have always thought of having an emergency medical kit on hand, but never have actually put one, as a heads up for all of us...let's look into what would be good for an emergency kit for our beloved never know, it could save their lives.
Something as simple as Benedryl...I don't have any at you?
I won't have time to look into this until Wednesday, but I'll post what I find...please do the same if you have ideas.
Thanks, Linda, for posting this. I know how hard it was for you last night. I am so grateful that you were able to get the information and help your sweet baby.
And, even though I was not much help, I am honored that you thought of me.

How scary! I'm so glad Gracie is better. I would have freaked out! You never know when an allegeric reaction might be so severe that it interferes with breathing. I am also going to look into creating a doggie first aid kit. It seems these things always occur on weekends or after vet's office hours. I am going to get prepared!! Is Gracie back to her old self now?
Thanks for everyones concern for gracielou we have had her since she was 8 weeks old and has always been inside so she is very spoiled. She is back to her old self, my only concern now is do I give her shots next year? I know one thing for sure if I do that's one dog that will go to the vet to get hers, not that their shots are better but in case she has a reaction again. But truthfully I'm really afraid to give her anymore, but she is a certified therapy dog so she has to have them per TDI but it's not worth lossing her over. Any advice at what you all would do?
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