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Hip X-ray

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I have a 10 month old labradoodle and was wanting to know the health of her hips. What age is best to have them xrayed to determined if the sockets are well formed?

Thanks for any advice. LaVonne B.
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Welcome Lavonne :) You can have OFA do a preliminary on her hips now. They won't certify the hips until she is 2 years old but at 10 months you will be able to tell if she will have HD.
Hi LaVonne, welcome!
You could also have PennHip testing done. They can tell you at 4 months.
It is a good test, but expensive and you need a specialist to do it plus they have to put them out. Breeders use this all the time. I PennHip tested three of my dogs and I really like the testing.
They have a web site for both OFA and PennHip and also sites that compare the two so that you can make a good decision. Just do a google search and you should get some interesting sites.
Good luck!
Hi and welcome to the forum you can also OFA at 4 months now and they say that they will give a certain percent that if a pup is OFA Excellent that at 2 years when they certify them they still will be OFA Excellent, they also have to be sudated to do OFA. OFA and PennHip look at different things about the hips OFA looks at the socket and how tight the ball of the hip is setting in there the tighter the better as far as OFA in concerned, PennHip as far as I understand looks for hip joint laxity hope this helps.
Helps me Linda! :D
I didn't know the difference...I have seen the difference in the results but didn't understand them. Thanks for the clarification!

Thanks, everyone for the hip xray info. I'll be looking into! LaVonne
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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