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Hernia in a puppy?

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Hi guys,
Well, last night I was getting our family all set to leave on our vacation to Mexico. Everyone was in bed except Coal and I and as I folded laundry he layed by me on the living room floor. Well, when I was done with the folding I started petting Coal (he was pretty neglected yesterday as I have been going nuts getting us all ready to leave today). Well, he rolls over for his tummy rubs and I see he has a golfball sized swelling maybe 2 inches above his neutering surgery site. I freaked when I saw it! I pushed on it a little and at first it felt very solid which REALLY freaked me out but then as I felt it, it just kind of sunk back into his body. Is this a hernia? I am taking him to the vet at 9:20 to get a quick look from the dr. and see if it is something that can wait or that needs immediate attention. Has anyone had this happen with their dogs? Wish us luck at the vet!!!
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Ok guys, false alarm! Coal is fine. The vet says what I felt was fluid in the bulbo-urethral glands (not sure of that spelling). Wish I knew about that before I freaked out last night!!! Anyway, just thought I'd fill y'all in. Linda, thanks for being there when I needed you! I guess what you were describing was just what Coal had! Well I can now go to Mexico without worrying that something terrible is wrong with him and kindly my vet did not charge for the quick look!! See y'all in about 9 days.
Wow! I have never heard of that! Thanks for posting...and I am sorry that we were not able to respond to reassure you ... but so glad that you got your pup from Linda because she will always be there for you and she is very, very good!
Thank goodness it was not something serious!
Enjoy your trip...relax...breathe! :lol:
Our puppy had something similiar.. I am thinking its what our vet told us without the fancy name. She said that although everything was removed when he had surgery the glands where things used to be can enlarge when he gets excited. The first time we noticed, My husband and I freaked out that Dunkin must of had a fake surgery and nothing was removed... because we were sure that we knew what we were looking at! :lol:

Enjoy your trip Stacy. I wish I was going to Mexico...I'm stuck here in cold NJ!
We had a similar episode here. Sawyer had a small welt in the same abdominal area Stacy described, which the vet diagnosed as a possible bug bite and so we treated it with Benadryl and it went away in a day or so. The following week I noticed a bulge (in the same area) that was firm and would slowly disappear. I freaked out, too (Crazy Doodle Moms!) and the vet explained the same thing to me, only I had forgotten the name of the gland. Whatever, right?! As long as it is fine!

Travel safe and well! Enjoy Mexico!
Oh....THAT lump!'d think I would have known that! I was thinking it was a big lump to the side somewhere...honestly, I am not that unaware of male dogs... :oops: (I wouldn't expect you owners, who are NOT breeders to know much about that...but I SHOULD have thought of it! :oops: )
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