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Here's a gross topic..

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I almost hate to ask this but it's bothering me. :oops:
Do you find that your doodle's need to be wiped when they poo? :shock:
Bogie was so bad tonight that we had to throw him in the tub after I used several baby wipes. I don't recall this happening with other breeds.
Is it that they are so hairy that poo sticks? Do they have to be trimmed often under the tail?
I'm sorry for the grossness of this topic, but I feel I'm going to need to wipe his bum all the time after tonight! I just wondered .......why him? :roll:
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I know the feeling. I thought the same thing about Napa. We just make sure he gets a sanitary cut frequently. I think Anthony even does this sometimes. I never know what I'm going to come back to when Napa's left alone with him. He's often taking the scissors to Napa for one thing or another.
Occasionally I have to help Tanner by using wet wipes...maybe once or twice a month. He is trimmed every 6 weeks but occasionally I do trim a bit to keep him clean. He is very fussy and like to be clean. I don't find that he is worse than any other long haired do that I have had.
Annabelle gets a sanitary cut so far we have not had the problem
My groomer gives our doods something called a "potty cut" which is basically a very short almost shave around "the areas" this helps TONS! Although my husband HATES it! He says it looks a little vulgar, it sure keeps thing a little fresher!
A sanitary cut........a potty cut!! That's what we'll have to do! THANKS!!
Every now and then I have to remove a dingleberry from Bubba...
"dingleberry" :lol: :lol: :lol: that word just makes me giggle!
hahaha one in a blue moon we too have to remove a
"dinkleberry" or as i say when they eat a paper napkin, help with
a clingon hhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa

i keep baby wipes on hand :wink:
Oh, yeah...we have had our share of emergency baths!
Usually all is well, but sometimes the poop just clings to the hair around their "poop chute" and then they make it worse by dragging it on the ground!
I have to put them in the tub, ask them to sit...and joy of all joy...pull the clumps off. The reward? My dogs know what I have done for them and are so happy!
I always follow this type of bath with a sissor trim...but again, be so careful...their little bumbies can get cut if you are not careful....I mean verrrrry careful!
Yup, Boo has "hiney" problems too. Partly because he's so hairy, and also because his...umm... "outbox" is sort of recessed under his tail. Maybe it's a poodle thing? Because labs don't seem to have that.

I've seen pet "tushie wipes" in pet stores, though I haven't tried them. (We just use warm water and paper towels.) But the cartoon graphics for the wipes crack me up! Who knew wipes could be so cute!

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Every now and then I have to remove a dingleberry from Bubba...
we have had to give both doodle "assists" as well :)

oh yeah - we buy generic baby wipes at target - much much cheaper than pet wipes. we use them to clean their paws and any other parts that need it. Figure if they're ok for a baby they must be ok for a doodle :)
Never had to do that... gives me something to look forward to... :?
i know after raising 3 kids with beige carpets for years...huggies baby wipes wiped up everything in past including spills/stain...
so i still use themnow,,, just mostly on doodle " clingons"and the rare roll in deer poop or quick dirt snif surf :wink:
One day a week ago when returning from a walk Abby dragged me into the bathroom right after a walk. That happened twice before Saturday when Renee and Abby came back from a walk I heard Renee tell Abby "bathroom" where she promply went to get her but cleaned with a handi wipe. I asked how long she'd been doing this to which she replied a couple days. Abby's now inadvertenly trained to go to the bathroom after a walk for cleansing. Of course I did a sanitary cut weeks ago so there were no problems to begin with. Shows how fast a doodle learns a command. :wink:
Wow! That's cool mtd! BOGIE BATHROOM!! hahahaha!
Well, I'm glad to know we're not the only one's with this.
YES! Careful is the word! I think I'll have the groomer do it next time Bogie goes to Day Care........I wouldn't trust myself to do this! He's still too much of a wiggler....OUCH!!

Tushie Wipes! HAHAHAHAHA!! :lol: Obviously this is not an unusual thing if they even have a product for it!

Dingleberry's on the Bunhulio..........LOL........Yeah, we have those too, but last night was a real MESS!.....if ya know what I mean!!

Thanks for sharing on this WONDERFUL topic!
lol. I know I will have to get Cacao a potty cut soon. But how often do you have to do that?
I've had to wipe Rosie's bottom a couple of times, too but that was when they were less than firm. I just used a wet paper towel and she looked at me like "what the heck are you doing lady?!". The goomer gave her a little shave in those areas but it doesn't look like "hey my butt is shaved", its quite discreet.
That little sanitary cut works wonders - so far have only had to do a couple of cleanups on Tyke
The problem with sanitary cut is tha Emily hates it. She keeps dragging her bottom across all carpets for days when she comes back from the groomer. I am considering not doing it next time or at least asking groomer to cut hair short instead of shaving it...

Maria and Emily
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