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I agree...the video of Cesar's is a good one.

At his age, aggression can be very problematic...especially when you have children.

You may need to get some special training intervention. But if you want to work on this problem yourself first, start looking at the things you have done with him up until you play tug of war with him? Do your children play roughly with him? Do you allow him to wrestle?

Has he been neutered? (This is a biggie.) Has he been trained to sit/stay...if so, a command to sit should immediately stop the behavior.

If the training has been lax up until now, you need to start regular training sessions isn't too late.

It is hard to know how to address the problem without knowing more about how the puppy was raised, or the parents, the breeder, etc.

You could talk to your breeder about it and see if you can get some insight on it.

This is an article from a favorite web site that has a bunch of info...if it doesn't apply, do a search for aggression and you will find a LOT of articles, I am sure that some will help out: ... C=0&A=1737
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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