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HELP w/VISTA toolbar

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HI...ok i've figured out incompatiblity issues for old programs, and so much more
I was cleaning my keyboard and silly me computer was on NOW the top toolbar/taskbar on top of page goes to hide , i can't find the setting to stop this and it's frustrating it keeps hiding at top of page

anyone know a simple solution? i know it has to be so simple i am not seeing it

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Sorry......I've got MAC....
It is hard to get a picture of what you are saying
What is check marked in your toolbars?
I'm with Gene, I've got a MAC. The PC's in our house have XP, so none of us is versed in VISTA. Sorry, can't help.
what happened is when I open IE (internet explorer ) at the top of the page the toolbar does autohide an di have to keep placing my mouse on it to see it

i searched every darn topic I could hahahhaa
so for now i have done a quick fix but it's temporary close once i close out Internet explorer and reopen the top toolbar aka taskbar hides again

the toolbar on my desktop is fine
You should be able to fix it in preferences under the main toolbar in IE....right?? It's hard to tell without seeing, but that's how it usually works on browsers regardless of the system.
Try right clicking the toolbar, when it is available, and selecting "Lock tool bar."
thanks everyone.......Ok i got it to work finally :D

what i did was reopen another IE window and resize it so it sat ON TOP of bht bottom desktop toolbar...then i locked the toolbar at the top of the page ...finally it took hold

now why it won't work before is beyond me! hahaha
but it works now So it aint ain't broke...don't fix it hahhaa

thanks so much cause the simple things throw me, it it was more complicated then i understand it better hahhaaaaaaaaa...don't ask :wink:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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