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Oh, Carol...I am so sorry...this business is such a gamble and I am deeply sorry that it has turned out this way for you.
I know the investment that you must have made...that's why we started out with F1B puppies...just couldn't afford the ALs.
What does your contract say, exactly? Are they only responsible to replace the puppy? No clause for damages?
You might want to talk to an attorney...your losses are much greater than the value of one puppy...when you consider the investment in time, testing, breeding and now making good on the health warranty of your puppies...seems to me that you might have other avenues...just a thought. bad as the possibility sounds, bankruptcy is meant for just such an might be able to keep your home.
I wish you all the best...and certainly, I will let people know about your dogs if I hear of anyone looking.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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