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Help needed.

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Hi everybody,

It's Carol from Kennel of Dreams in MI. I haven't been on for a while. My login got messed up and I finally decided to fake out the system and registered with different info.

This is very hard to write. I always had a dream of breeding dogs. When we learned about ALs we became facinated and after much research decided this was the breed. We refinanced our home like several have to finance our first girl. She came to us bred and we had wonderful puppies twice. My dream was coming true and I was having so much fun! This summer we were going to have 3 or 4 litters since I had kept some of her puppies to breed with and things were looking good. A few months ago I learned that she has a heart murmur and I can no longer use her for breeding. I can't use her offspring for breeding either. Not only is my dream crashing down, I may loose my house this summer over this. We can't continue to make the increased payments without puppies to help out. The breeder has agreed to replace her, but had nothing at the time, maybe this summer. By the time I get a replacement it will most likely be too late for my house. I lose my house, I won't be able to breed.

I have 6 doodles ages 7 months to 2 1/2 years that I need to find homes for. If I can find homes for them, maybe I can keep mine. Can anyone help? If so I would be forever in your debt. If you know of anyone please have them e-mail me at [email protected] .

Thanks for any help you can give!
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oh my gosh, that is awful!! i sent you an e-mail, I hope I

can help you ... just a little more info needed!!!
Oh, Carol...I am so sorry...this business is such a gamble and I am deeply sorry that it has turned out this way for you.
I know the investment that you must have made...that's why we started out with F1B puppies...just couldn't afford the ALs.
What does your contract say, exactly? Are they only responsible to replace the puppy? No clause for damages?
You might want to talk to an attorney...your losses are much greater than the value of one puppy...when you consider the investment in time, testing, breeding and now making good on the health warranty of your puppies...seems to me that you might have other avenues...just a thought. bad as the possibility sounds, bankruptcy is meant for just such an might be able to keep your home.
I wish you all the best...and certainly, I will let people know about your dogs if I hear of anyone looking.
Jac is our resident attorney so she gives good advice!

Wish you the best Carol.
I agree that my losses are greater than one dog.

I don't think I could get "damages" out of her. I'm doing good getting her to agree to replace her to start with. The health guarantee is worded so it will take in the heart murmur but she claims it was only intended to cover hips. As I reminded her a few times that this was not the way it was worded, she finally agreed to replace her. I haven't had anyone come to me with any problems with their puppies and I don't really know what more I could expect from her. Fortunately I found the heart murmur just before the guarantee ran out!
So sorry for all your troubles I think at some point we have had our ups and downs this one however is worse than most I've heard. I would agree with Jac I would file bankruptcy before losing your home. And I hope the breeder holds good on her guarantee. Keep us posted. :(
Carol, I don't know any words to say. I know it must be devastating to have your dream come crashing down around you. I feel so badly for you and hope that this forum will help you to find homes for your precious babies. Have you posted on any of the other forums? Good luck and I wish you the best.
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