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Hi Everyone

I haven't been on the sight for awhile and I cannot believe all the new additions. Frankie has been doing good. He is now full grown at a year and 8 months, weighing in at 103. He is such a great dog now, and such a big baby. He truely is my best friend and the best thing is he has free range of the house and can be trusted. Hope everyone is doing well.
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Nice to hear from you again Cheryl and Denver is happy
to see another big boy
Denver is 31 inches tall but standing next to
a Great Dane he looks like a mini Labradoodle

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Cheryl said:
Denver is as tall as Frankie. 31 inches. His mother was a 70lb yellow lab and his father was a 55lb black standard poodle. I guess they just grow them big. Denver is a beautiful labradoodle.
Woof woof
Yeah Another big handsome guy like me, I weigh 101 pounds

MaxandMe said:
I think Denver and Frankie are awesome!! i love tall dogs!!
Max is small at 26in tall.
I thought the average size for the standards are 22-24 inches which means Max is tall...................teehee
Frankie I agree we can stick together, It is nice to have another big Doodle buddy on the forum.............



Here I am with a couple of lab friends I met at the beach
just for size comparison. The other photo is a german shepherd mix

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1 - 5 of 20 Posts
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