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Hello, This is Alicia and Sampson (the doodle!)

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Hello everyone! We're new to the site. :)

My family just got a two-year old labradoodle from a rescue shelter right after Christmas. He is a little shy and very afraid of men because we are pretty posative he was abused at his last home. But he is really opening up!
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Hello Alicia and Sampson!!! :D
Hello there! Lucas? is it? I love your curly coat, it is very handsome... My Sammy got more lab than poodle and has straightish fur...
Thanks! You're not too bad of a looker yourself! I am actually starting to blow my puppy coat I think...
Welcome all! It's so wonderful to have more and more people joining. Big hugs to you Sampson as you start your new wonderful life in a loving home.
Welcome to Doodleland............
You are very handsome.............
Hellllllllo, nice to meet you!!! can't wait for more pics
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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