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Hi, welcome back!
She could be blowing her puppy coat. Dogs do go through phases of shedding and if you have an F1 there is a good chance that Kenya will be a shedder...but it is also possible that this is a one-time phase. Keep brushing her every day and that should help.
Sounds like Kenya is one of those dogs who wait to have a cycle...some don't have cycles until they are 18 months. It isn't uncommon...but she may have had a silent heat too. Hard to say for sure.
If you are concerned, a vet visit can't hurt...then you will be reasured that she is fine.
I might add a suggestion that if you don't intend to breed her, you might want to get her spayed as soon as possible. The earlier you spay them, the less likelyhood that they will get cancer...and heat cycles are really not fun...for the dog OR the owner! :p
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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