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My Babies are in heat



My 2 doodle babies are in heat, Milly started bleeding on Tues then Leyla yesterday - lots of blood and swelling. We had planned to have them spayed but hadnt expected the first sycle to be soo soon.

What should i expect?? are they in heat before the blood stage, during or after ? we have still been taking them out for walks but on the leads - have come across some dogs but none really ran over to be nosy - we had heard horror stories of dogs parking themselves outside and howling etc

so i am wondering if the heat part is later on in the cycle? how long will it last ? normally

please help ( am reading books on bitches but would prefer doodle owners experiences)


Ash, Leyla & Mlly

ps and they were house trained up until the blood arrived
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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