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Heat Cycle

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My labradoodle is 5 months old and she is in heat!! I was bathing her today and saw blood and her vulva is puffy. I was going to have her fixed next month. She is also the one that was wetting in the house again and now I think it has to do with this early heat. Isn;'t this unusual?
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Oh, my goodness! Yes, it is possible...not too common until at least 6 months of age. Looks like you have an exception to the rule here! And yes! That is why she is peeing all over! They have instincts to pee a lot because that makes their scent go out to all of the local cowboys! (er, I mean, male dogs.)
I'll tell you something terribly embarrassing that I did when my dog went into heat...I was so stupid...when she swelled, okay, that is normal...but then one day, she was getting the usual tummy rub and I about died! She was kidding...the size of my fist! I thought she had to have some terrible infection or something and that she was about to I did the only responsible thing...I took her to the emergency room for dogs! (Of course, my vet's office was closed at the time.)
Well, the vet looked at her and said, "Yep. She's in heat."
She then explained that some dogs get reeeeally big...and Lexie did! (She said it makes a good target. :oops: )
So, you probably know this already...but in case you didn't I thought I'd pass it along. are going to have to keep a close eye on her. She is so very young to get pregnant! Good luck!!
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Hi BJ, that is young for a first heat but it does happen :) Good thing you noticed it and can keep an eye on her.

Jac, I can see you running to the vet in a panic. You are just too funny :lol: :lol: :lol:
Yes this can happen at that young of an age you don't hear it often but it happens.

Jac I have a friend that also panicked the first time their Lab came into heat, she told me I didn't know dogs did that... :lol:
I swear, I thought she was filled with some horrible infection and would burst! (Oh, man...and I am not a young person! Sheesh.)
Thanks, Linda, nice to know I am not the only bumpkin around. :lol:
Hello everyone! I had been wondering about heat cycles too so I will take this opportunity to ask. How old are they when they have their usual first heat and second heat? I had been paying close attention to Kenya jus to make sure-she'll be 7 months on the 25th. Also, to they really have periods during this time-and what do you do to avoid the mess? I am sorry about this questions-I am just so uneducated about this so please help me. :oops:
Each dog is different but most large breed dogs will come into their first heat somewhere from 6-8 mos of age. Some will not come in until 12 mos so don't be alarmed. I have had females not come into their first heat until 12 mos of age but then come in regularly every 6 mos after that. They will bleed and be quite messy. Do you intend to breed her? If not, it is healthier for her to be spayed and will be a lot easier on you every 6 mos. If you do intend to breed, some people will take boys underwear and put on the female (the tail can go throw the slit on the boys underwear). I hope this helps :)
Di answered that question very completely. Lexie surprised me when she went into heat at 6 months (I thought the first heat took 12-18 months) and she was a huge mess! She bled for the longest time...and she is the one that swelled so huge. Her sister, Bayley, went into heat at 8 months and was only in her cycle for about a week and a half, not too much blood and not a great deal of swelling either.
Now we are waiting for Lexie to begin her second has been six months since she had her last one...and we hope that Chase will be old enough to make her a mama! (Chase is only 7 months so I won't know until it happens...or not.)
I did buy the doggie diapers, I tried the boy's underwear and nothing was really hard to keep it on them...they hated it. Some dogs do well with protection, but mine didn't. This time we will probably force it on her (we have a new home with white carpets!) or make her stay in the garage and outside. (I don't want her to feel like she is being punished though.)
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Hi Jac, is Chase lifting his leg yet?
No...not yet (my husband says he is trying to teach him! :lol: ) But I have read that not all dogs do lift their legs...I checked that out because I was worried...and found a site where at least 75% of the comments were from male dog owners who had dogs that squat! Chase doesn't squat, he stands rather regally, leaning forward...but no leg lifting. (That's why I say..."if all goes well"... :wink: )
What a visual :D :D :D Thanks for the morning chuckle :wink:
Boy Jac your husband really gets involed Huh! :lol: Like Di said what a visual that was. :shock:

When gracielou was in heat I kept her on the laminate floor this helped some with clean up but still messy. I really don't know how breeders that say they have all their dogs in the house do it! :? That's got to be a handful not to mention birthing them all at one time inside. :?
My Babies are in heat



My 2 doodle babies are in heat, Milly started bleeding on Tues then Leyla yesterday - lots of blood and swelling. We had planned to have them spayed but hadnt expected the first sycle to be soo soon.

What should i expect?? are they in heat before the blood stage, during or after ? we have still been taking them out for walks but on the leads - have come across some dogs but none really ran over to be nosy - we had heard horror stories of dogs parking themselves outside and howling etc

so i am wondering if the heat part is later on in the cycle? how long will it last ? normally

please help ( am reading books on bitches but would prefer doodle owners experiences)


Ash, Leyla & Mlly

ps and they were house trained up until the blood arrived
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Don't know how you all made this thread so comical...I think it helps that I have a male Doodle.

Very funny!
You are going to have your hands full for a few days, that's for sure :) The female usually accepts the male 7-9 days after the first signs of blood, but each dog is different, so it could be longer. You are probably safe as long as there is a bloody discharge but I wouldn't take any chances. Once the female starts flagging and flirting she will accept the male and it could last for another week or so. I'm sorry, but I really don't have a solution for you as to what to do with your girls. If you have males in the neighborhood that run loose, this could be a big problem for you. I've never had intact females that weren't my breeding girls and, of course, I want them bred.
Oh, my gosh, I have been reading back through this and much has happened since these posts!
We have had a litter of darling puppies, and yes...Chase learned to lift his leg! 8)
I must say, Ash, that you should be pretty careful...I don't think I'd take the dogs on walks at this time.
Some male dogs are quite determined and sometimes they won't wait for the female to flag.
When you take the girls out walking, they are marking and leaving a trail for all of the eligible bachelors to follow (some of the dirty ol' dogs too!)
Once the males know that a female is in heat, they hang around and have been known to scale 8 foot fences!
You could put the doggie diapers on them, but my Lexie got a really bad vaginal infection because she urinated with the panties on and the plastic lining kept it moist...really yucky.
I am with Diane, I don't know too much about how to stop the mating because I study up on how to perfect it!
We have an "in house male" (living in Poodle heaven with 3 intact females) and so we don't worry except that we don't want the girls bred every heat I guess that I WILL be worrying about preventing it...I think I'll put the diaper on him!
Lexie's heat cycle lasted for about 4 weeks! (Not normally that long for most females.)
Good luck!
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