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Hello Jen,
Everyone that I know of drafts their own contract...but usually they ask other breeders for "samples" of their contracts and some give permission to use the full contract, others allow you to use it for ideas only...
ILA (now ALAA) will give member breeders a sample contract and allow you to use it.
Basically, coming from a legal standpoint, a contract should protect both parties. The breeder must put in clauses to say EXACTLY what they will do under specific circumstances. If your contract is too vague, it may not be enforceable. From a buyer's standpoint, they need to know EXACTLY what the breeder will be responsible for.
I believe that most of the breeder contracts that I have seen are much too vague and don't come close to covering the serious issues involved in this business...ask yourself a lot of "what ifs" and put the clear answer in your contract.
The time that an issue pops up is not the time to consider what to do...because if you wait, you may be caught up in a very costly legal battle.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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