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Have to share this cute pic of Annie & her friend...

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Annie had a sleepover with her best friend Taya on Saturday night. Taya decided she wanted to go to church with us, so the girls decided they HAD to dress alike in the new outfits I got Annie - I snapped this as we were heading out the door...

How flippin cute are they? The worst part is that they totally know it!
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OMG they are adorable and what a cute picture, hopefully 30 or 40 years from now they will look back and laugh and remember a fun day
That is adorable! Looks like it could be in a clothes catalog! I love it! Very fashionable!
OMG! That is better than most ads I've seen. I love it!!! Totally adorable!
Such pretty girls! They do look like models in a children's catalog! Could be a future career there! :lol:
wow they are adorable!

I still love Annie's hair shorter like it is now :) She is so pretty!
Thank you for indulging me everyone - I HAD to share the picture with someone!

Leslie, I love Annie's hair short - for the first time in 8 years I am NOT the one caring for it - shorter and thinned, she can do it herself. Unfortunately we are growing it out for the summer so it can be pulled back. Taya (the one with bangs) is the one that Annie mimicked when she cut her hair that night. They get each other into so much trouble!
Wow Kristen, they are so cute! Great job with the pic, too!
that picture of annie and tara is sooooooooooooo precious!!!
i'd frame that one for sure. :D
OMG!! How adorable they look.
ahhh memories. my little girl is coming home from college in a couple weeks. hopefully with degre in hand. everyone buckle their seat belts.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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