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Oh, gosh, don't be embarrassed...many people have been taken in by this. These guys are good!
I got an email the other day from someone claiming to be PayPal telling me that someone had attempted to break into my account...they said not to reply to the email ... and I stopped reading. I recall that these things can be very I went to PayPal and logged in. They said "if you believe you have a bogus email from PayPal, forward it to us..." and they gave an email address. I forwarded it and, of course, got a reply saying that this was not from PayPal.
I have gotten so jaded by it all that I don't trust (or even open) any email that I don't know about.
If you even open the email, they know you are a real person and sell your email address to others. It is a horrible problem.
There is also one where you are notified that your cell phone is not covered by the do-not-call list and that you have to act quickly to put it on a list before...something happens! Well, I fell for looked real. The minute I clicked "enter" I got a sick feeling. I checked with the do-not-call site (official) and they had a warning about such emails.
Shortly thereafter, my cell phone started getting lots of calls...I had to change my number! And...the funny thing is...cell phones are already on a protected one can call you for these annoying calls via cell phones!
I am just really glad that you caught it, yourself, before you were trapped!
Smart move!!
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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