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Ok there is another scam going on ....
it's where you are called about your credit and/or debit card
is a site that tells you of scams

another scam that even a Person you may know
which is horrible

someone has a business check they want to sign over to YOU and
have you deposit and while it's clearing have you give them a check,
money order or even cash ie: $500 while it clears.
ANYTIME there is a business name along with personal names
do NOT do it!!!!
Luckily my bank refused and explained why....this is a person whom i've known for years and thought i could trust till recently!!!

For me being a single mom i am always skeptical and was burned way back by close family friends.
if your GUT says something doesn't feel right, say NO and/or run to your bank where they'll let you know immediately

other thing Paypal, there have been instances where they get their goods and then dispute it and you are left with no payment

Lastly if any of YOU go thru a Broker for investments....always make sure you are in control of you money and READ all fine print and papers
Otherwise you may inadvertenly sign a piece of paper that lets a Broker have full reign over your investments.
This happened to a family member with a friend of 20yrs+ :shock:
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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