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Happy Easter! *update with Sandy pics!*

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Hope everyone has a peaceful day :) Annie asked me to post this picture and wanted to tell you all....



Happy Easter!!

Di just sent me some new Sandy pictures so I figured I'd update this thread... His coat is getting shaggy looking! I can't wait to see what he's going to look like full grown - I can't even guess what his coat will wind up like!

Remember, here he is at 4 weeks when we chose him...

And today at 7 weeks...

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Thanks for my big Easter smile of the day. She is a beautiful girl!!
Annie, you sure are a beautiful bunny! We are counting down the days with you! Happy Easter to all!
ohhhhhhhhhhhh that is the cutest most heartwarming Easter picture!!!! Annie is so sweet and adorable....can i borrow her???? i can lend you one my teenagers or even Peanut if you like!!

happy easter!!!
Ahh I am finely feeling better and this was just what I needed :wink: :wink:
Annie you make the most cutest bunny!!!!! Are you a Doodle Bunny????
You must be so excited waitning for your little Sandy! He sure is a cutie!!!! Hope you and your Mom had a great Easter!! :D :D :D

Kathie,Raleigh & Molly! :D :twisted: :?
Kristin your daughter is beautiful!

The pups sure are getting big!! Yay Sandy!!! His coat is awesome!!

Happy Easter!!
Annie made my day, Your are perfectly bunny like!
Thank you for sharing your puppy pics with us Annie. :D
Happy Easter to you.
Thank you to everyone who looked :) And a big thank you for sharing in our excitement - I love having people that don't mind 24/7 doodle talk! I think my friends & family all think I'm nuts by now!
This is why we have this forum so we have people who understand when we think that our animals deserve to be talked about 24/7. Bahahahaha
ONLY doodleaholics understand why we talk about doodles 24/7 hahhaa all others are out in left field to why we chose this way of life: doodles and forum hahahhahaa
I know it!! A week from now I'll be getting puppy smooches and rubbing a fat puppy belly, and smelling puppy breath.

7 days 7 days 7 days!!!! :D :D :D
ellabee......i am sooooooooooooooo happy for you and excited too!!! :D
Awwww thanks Annmarie. I SOOOOOO can't wait for 7 days to pass. I keep on picturing him here in the house...I'm nuts. :roll:
ellabee you have any MORE pics to post? pleeeeeeeeeeease???? thanks!
ok will check back later tonight...i have to get ready to take Max to training class tonight and hope not to come back with horror stories hahahhaa
Kristin - what time are you picking Sandy up??? I'll be able to meet Dexter around 1:30-2:00 on Monday. Is Annie going with you?

Annmarie - I do have some photos that Diane sent me on Sunday...they're the same 'set' as the ones Kristin posted at the top of this thread. My eyelids are about to slam shut, I'll post one tomorrow....

'Nite everyone! Kiss all wet noses!! :)
Lynn - Sandy doesn't get in until 3:20-ish and they said I could pick him up 1hr after that. Puts me right at the beginning of rush hour for the ride home! I have no idea if Annie will come with me - I'm trying to get a friend to take the afternoon off work so I can have a second set of eyes/hands.

We can't wait! I saw Dexter's pictures on Di's website - he's getting so big and so cute & puppyish!
Annie you are a beautiful girl and a really sweet bunny :) Sandy is going to love having you for a playmate, what a cute pair you will make :wink:
Here's my little guy...he looks so SERIOUS and all.... :)

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Lynn...serious? or more deep in thought as to hmmmm what's that thing over there, maybe i can get it when no one is looking as he IS checking to see if anyone is looking in the 2nd pic :wink:
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