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Hi! I'm so grateful to have found this forum! It appears my lab is going to have puppies in about 2-3 weeks. She's had false pregnancies with every heat so I wasn't too concerned but this one is different. I awoke at 2 am in Feb to find my dogs locked! Lab girl always sits down when Poodly boy tries to jump her but this time she didn't. She is 3, he is 2. She is a purebred English yellow lab with a chocolate brown nose & amber eyes and I don't know if she is a Dudley or not. He is a purebred black standard poodle. Neither of them have papers. Both are in excellent health and have zero problems. Both are excellent pets of good & pleasant temperament, and good watchdogs, always alerting me to anything unusual going on outside. She comes from a litter of 12 and was the largest.

Do any of you happen to have a list of what I should do re the vet? Does she need an X ray? If so when should I get that for her? They locked on 2/22/22 at 2 am. Do they need genetic tests? Also for future reference what questions should I ask prospective buyers to ensure the future puppies go to a good home?

Curious too as to what color the puppies will be with her possibly being a Dudley. Would they all be black? Would her being a Dudley have an effect on the puppies' coloring genetics - passing down a recessive Dudley coloring?

I greatly appreciate all input! Thank you!
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