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Gum story

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I was in my office at my computer when I heard a noise I thought I should investigate. I got up from my chair and discovered Nicky in the hallway, acting guilty about something. You know what I mean. The little excited dance, the wagging tail.

Hm-m-m. He doesn't seem to have anything in his mouth and he didn't run away when I approached him. What's going on? I surveyed the living room. All seemed in order. I moved on to the kitchen. What is this grayish little blob on the floor? Paper? No! It's ABC gum!

Where did Nicky get Already Been Chewed gum? Ah, now I remember! When I came home from shopping this afternoon I changed from long pants into shorts, leaving the long pants on the edge of my bed. In the pocket, wrapped in a Kleenex tissue, I'd left the gum I'd chewed earlier in the day.

Nicky had very carefully removed the Kleenex with the gum from the pants pocket, leaving a second tissue that was there to make it look as though nothing was disturbed. By the time I caught up with him he'd eaten the Kleenex, but must have decided the gum didn't have enough flavor left to chew! He spit it out onto the kitchen floor because he couldn't open the wastebasket lid to get rid of the evidence!
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ROFLMA - Way to go Nicky - tell Mom to get one of those trash cans that you can put your paw on to open it :wink:

Lov Annabelle
NOW that's a doodle to be PROUD OF!!!

way to go NICKY hahhahahaaaaaaaaa
I love their cute sneakiness hahahaaaaaaa
That's too funny!! :lol:
Hahaha,hohohohoho...Nicky!!!! You are doing great buddy!!!! I like your style!!!! kinda reminds me of ME!!!!! :shock: :shock:

Your pal,
Raleigh! :D
Hahahahaha! When my uncle quit chewing tobacco, he took up doublemint gum. He had a little spitz named Tina, and when he threw out the chewed gum, she would pick it up and chew it for awhile. When the flavor was all gone, she would "spitz" it out (pun intended). That little dog always had minty breath :)
FYI, some gum has xylitol as a sweetener in it which is on the poison list for pets on the ASPCA Animal Poison Center. :shock:

ABC gum probably wouldn't be dangerous because all the sweetener probably would have been chewed out.
They sure are very good at getting what they should not get.
This does remind me of a certain dog named..........................
Nicky good boy to stay away from fresh gum
Way to go Nicky, make sure everything looks on the up and up, it drives mom crazy.
Hahahaha!!! What a clever doodle!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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