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Guinness video.... and html help! Admins please read!

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Haha.. I can't get enough of him.

Oh man, what a pain... after hours of trying to get software to convert youtube files to .avi's I realized...the HTML is turned off on this forum!!!! Is anybody an admin that could make embedding videos much easier for us all?

All you have to do is check the HTML Tags in the configuration page under General Admin in the Admin CP. Make sure HTML is turned on, and under Allowed Tags type this (just copy and paste it):


That way we can embed objects. All we'll have to do is copy the embed link on YouTube/Google video etc. and the video will display in our posts.

It's 10 million times easier. Photobucket is obnoxious and slow, and I'm sure we all use youtube over image hosting sites. :D
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What a great video!! Thanks for sharing!!
Guinness is adorable! And I love his "tough dog" collar! He looks like his eyes are the same color as Tyke's - almost a yellowish green!
Such a cute pup! Lucy loved his bark and had a genuine conversation going on with him. She also couldn't figure out where on earth that squeeky toy was. :) :) :)
Cute puppy, I think everyone just used photobucket for their videos here
adorable video! i gotta love it because my doodle's name is guiness too! such a cute puppy
Can I squeeze him, can I can I Huh? What a cute puppy and so smart. He didn't even pick up the shoes that were in grabbing distance. Thanks for sharing.
he is sooooooooooooo cute!!! i love when he almost goes under the couch hahhahaaa toooooooo sweet
I can't imagine Tanner being that small...he is so smart for such a little guy :p :p
wow that is a great video! He's so smart for being so young!!!

I was watching this and the squeaking sound caused Kirby to come sprinting from another room to see what was going on :wink:
What a little sweetie pie!
Thanks for sharing! I can see he'd be easy to love!
Well how cute was that???? Guiness is absolutely adorable! At 3 mos. I see he still has that puppy 'swagger' which I find so appealing....Raleigh too junped up on my leg to see where the squeaking was coming from...hahahahaha...Thanks for sharing!!!
Raleighsmom said:
Raleigh too junped up on my leg
Kathie.....time for coffee again?? :oops: Or are you going to the Annmarie typing school?? :lol:
Bwahahahaha...just following in the footsteps of a great? typing teacher!!! hahahahahahha
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