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After saving up for about a year and trying to convince my mom, dad, and sister to live with another dog in the house (especially one that will be over 50 pounds), they agreed to let me buy a labradoodle. As I was ignorant of what a puppy mill actually, was, turns out I encouraged a bad practice by purchasing my dog from that place :( . However, I was lucky in getting Coco the chocolate labradoodle, who is now a healthy, happy, and fun-loving puppy at 14 weeks old.

In order to be able to keep the puppy, I had to be able to house-train her within 2 months (thankfully I've done that already) and she needed to get along well with our other dog, a miniature schnauzer named Lily. The two get along fine and it looks like I won't need to worry about having to get rid of my puppy :) .

My question is what I want to do if I ever breed her. I'd like to be able to give some pups to seeing-eye or guide dogs of america, but I can't find links on their websites as to how to do this. Also, what tests do I need to get my vet to perform on my dog to make sure she is good to breed (when the time comes)?
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I was doing some research on breeding, and some breeders test their dogs thyroids, eyes, ears, joints, and disease, while other breeders don't do anything of the sort, but charge the same amount of money. What is the difference?
The difference is whether or not they get my money.
My money being the dog loving customer who does not want to support
puppy mills or fly by night breeders.

This is not directed against you. This is directed against any
breeder who would throw two dogs together and hope for the
best because they think they will make a pocketful of money.
They won't and their dogs will suffer in the long run :cry:
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