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Guarding a Turkey

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We're having Thanksgiving Saturday, So the kids got an extra scoop of yogurt and pineapple on their kibble....ummmmmmmmmm! :wink:
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We came home with a ton of leftovers as usual. I brought Kevin a piece of turkey to give Dex, so he could get T-Day treats from mommy and daddy. But then later, I had some turkey that I had dipped in gravy and I snuck Dex a piece, since his treats didn't have gravy earlier. Then I see Kevin out in the kitchen picking, and he's putting his hand behind his back over and over. I'm like wuh? Then I see there's a white snout chomping behind him, he's feeding Dex more turkey! Well, let me just go on record to say I'm not the only enabler to Dexter's "extra-fluffy" condition! Busted!

Dex passed out in the chair and Kevin kept saying "you all right baby boy?" I said "leave him alone, he's high on triptophan!"
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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