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Growth Spurt?

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As we would say back in Da Bronx... Ozzie is "growin' like a Bastid!". I haven't had perceptual distortions since my college years in the 1970s so I know I'm not seeing things. Ozzie seems have made a quantum growth spurt since just last week. He just passed 6 months old and suddenly he is much taller, longer and more massive. I don't know what he weighs as we haven't weighed him since he first came home with us.

Anyone more experienced with Doodles want to comment on their rate of growth?
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Lucas turned 7 months yesterday, and seems to have slowed down, but during month 5-6 he seemed to grow 2-3 pounds every seemed, every time I blinked he got a little bit bigger... I haven't measured his height yet though...
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