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Growth Spurt?

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As we would say back in Da Bronx... Ozzie is "growin' like a Bastid!". I haven't had perceptual distortions since my college years in the 1970s so I know I'm not seeing things. Ozzie seems have made a quantum growth spurt since just last week. He just passed 6 months old and suddenly he is much taller, longer and more massive. I don't know what he weighs as we haven't weighed him since he first came home with us.

Anyone more experienced with Doodles want to comment on their rate of growth?
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cocoandjane said:
Again, I love your avatar!! You always have good ones!
In some ways, Ozzie is not that bright... He thinks his reflection is some elusive, mysterious other dog who also lives here but is trapped behind glass windows or the glass fireplace screen. He is very generous with his "counterpart", always offering to share his toys and chewbones with him.

I'll probably get around to weighing him someday... For now, I know he's hefty enough to knock me down. (But that's not difficult as I have a neurological condition that effects my balance and equilibrium.)
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