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I am back again with a question about JJ. He is actually doing quite well,but it's a constant job! He's been with us a year now. He's still a little anxious when the grandkids come over and seems nervous. He is well loved and a permanent park of our hearts and family.
My question is this.
I would like to try to groom him myself, buy I am not sure what a well groomed,trimmed, doodle should look like when I get done. We don't have a groomer here that is very well recommended. His coat is getting long and some it looks like he's got split ends?? He is already getting warm as spring gets warmer. I don't want to shave him bald, soooo, does anyone have a before and after picyure or some advice as to how I trim up my handsome boy????
I would appreciate any input on this.
Gramma K
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Just go with the grain of the hair, start by cutting a small amount, if you make a mistake, dont worry it will grow. I have looked at pictures on the internet and I dont think there is two doodles alike. Make your own design!
hi there's no such thing as a bad Doodle question!
So ask away...many people know they don't want a Lab, or the Lab-coat but dont' know much about grooming either! There's a really great link to a grooming checklist and there are pictures on it of before/after doodles, so I hope this helps. Another way you might find what you want your JJ (or any) to look like is to go to doodle-breeders' sites, and check out their adult dogs. You would need permission to use their doodles as examples I think, but it's just a thought to get a mental picture of what you want for your Doodle.

Here's the grooming link: ... 20Inst.pdf

best wishes!
Thank you so much for that pdf!!! I have been looking for something like that forever!!!
I can't ever seem to download that "guide" with the pictures! No matter how many times I try, I get just the text. How frustrating! I really want this!
hey Jen, can you go to the site and see it online?
I have heard that it's tricky with some ISP's - sorry!
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