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Hi Guys
I have a question. We got our Zuzu groomed and they took too much hair off. She didn't have much hair to begin with but now she really looks like a lab with a unibrow! All her fluffy cute hair is gone! Any thoughts?


As my hairdresser always says: The difference between a bad-lucking hair cut & a good one is six weeks! The scruffy curls will be back soon. When I had my doodle groomed I wrote out specific directions for what I wanted - (ie 1" long on the legs & back, 1 1/2 " on the top of the head, nothing taken off the ears & tail feathers, etc.)
Labradoodles are relatively new & many groomers aren't experienced enough with the "doodle look" so they need us to guide them. Another thing that might be helpful is to take a photo with you of the way you'd like the haircut to look - there atre lots of great ones posted on the Labradoodles photos site. Also, it might be helpful calling various groomers ahead of time & asking if they've done other doodles & ask for references.
I now do my own grooming - very easy with clippers that have snap-on combs in various lengths so I can't cut it too short & it's so much cheaper.
Goog luck.
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