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Green Discharge

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We have a 13 week male doodle who is every once in a while showing green discharge. Any thoughts? He's very active, good appetite etc.
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From his penis?

If so i have seen this before and if i recall right when i asked the vet it was normal. Not sure though. Just give them a call maybe they can tell ya.
green discharge

When my puppy had an infection (vaginitis- she's a female), there would be some green discharge, usually after she urinated. Your pup might need antibiotics if he has an infection. Is he having any trouble urinating? Or does he need to go out more often than usual? I found that wiping her bottom with baby wipes after she urinated helped to keep everything clean.

Bridget and Summer
Thanks for all your help! My vet said that our little boy is becoming a man. Since he's active and has a very healthy appetite, our vet says he's just "excited" :wink:
Well that's good news! I'm glad everything is okay... good luck with your little man!!

Bridget and Summer
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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