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Green discharge in eye

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I came home from work today and Miko has a green discharge in her right eye. Other than throwing up a stick this morning, she's he rambuncious self and is eating right now. I figure it's an eye infection, or she caught my cold? Since it's the weekend, can I just give her the amoxicillin I have from her bladder infection. I'm going to call the vet on Monday, but til then....what do you all think??

Thanks in guys are the best!! :wink:
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a similar thing happened to kumo once this summer. we woke up in the morning and his eye was nearly crusted shut. we took him to the vet and they used special eyedrops to check his eye for a scratch, but there wasn't one. they also did a test to find out whether he had an infection (he didn't).

the vet concluded that the eye may have just been irritated by allergies or something, and produced an overabundance of "goobers" (my word, not the vet's!). she prescribed some eyedrops that were essentially anti-irritation medicine which we used for a few days. i think the problem ultimately went away by itself.

i agree that the information on the internet about conjunctivitis makes it sound like an emergency, but in this instance with kumo i don't think it was. kumo was not acting like the eye was bothering him. the inner eyelid was a little redder than normal, but the eye itself did not appear to be painful or inflamed. in hindsight, i probably could have just cleaned it out and then given it a day or so to see if it got any worse before going to the vet.

one thing i can recommend is taking a soft cloth and getting it wet with warm water, and then holding it over the eye for a minute or two, before trying to get the crusty goobers out of the fur. it worked better than anything else i tried!

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I hope it's just allergies and not a catchy infection. Poor Miko, probably wondered what the heck she did to have to walk around smelling like slobber all day :lol:

keep us posted

Annabelle sends lot of hugs and smooches
well Gene will be waiting to hear what the vet says tomorrow.

and isnt' it sweet how doodles are so loving like Nurse Jonah :D
I hope Miko is better soon and Jonah stays healthy!!! By the way....

"I stopped on the was home from work and bought some eye wash just to keep it clean" DID YOU MEAN WAY??? hahahaha Is that a typo you made???
errrrr.....wait..... no........ I got it!!! "the was home" is the name of the shopping center where the Petsmart's located.....yeah, that's it!!
welll, nice try, gene!
Geesh Miko...I hope your eye is all better by now.....and wasn't it nice of Jonah to clean your face for you???? That's what I do for Molly every day!!! (but I don't think she likes it.. :cry: ) I'm sure if it's not better, your Dad will have it fixed in no time!!! :D

Your very own Dood,
Raleigh! :wink:
Just sitting here waiting for the vets office to open. Don't have an update on the eye because Nurse Jonah has already cleaned her up again! :lol:
Nurse Jonah ... You can take care of my eye crusty's anytime! :wink: Ebbe :)

Gene .... Ebbe has had various shades of eye goop at various times since she was teeny pup ... she also seems to sneeze a lot. The vet says she probably has seasonal allergies! We are not alarmed because both Marc and I are fighting various allergens dust moting around the house and yard. I'm trying to stop using Claratin D (one less pill in the morning :? ), but may not succeed as my sinuses are going nuts. Point being and hoping that Miko's eye goop may just be allergies cleaned up easily with some warm water and a wash cloth .... or sweet Jonah slobber! Keep us informed!
Just got home from the's either a cold or allergies. Drops 3x a day til the pinkness goes away, then 3 more days. She is a svelte 54.6#'s and the vet is very impressed with her nature and behavior! He wasn't thrilled that I was adding yogurt to the food to get her to eat in one sitting! I never argue with him....can't win....but Miko would be a perfect free-feeder it it weren't for Jonah, so I do what I do! Besides, it's good for her! :twisted:
GOOD report!!
Aren't you glad you didn't go the Emergency Clinic route?

And now you have drops (I presume) that will last for any further inflammations so you don't worry about your kiddos if the green eye-boogers reappear. :wink:
So glad.....much better $55 than over $100 plus gas and travel time!! :lol: This such a great forum to help us nervous dads and moms!! :wink:

So glad to hear it is a minor booger thing....glad you took her in to the vet! wondering though, why doesn't he want you to give her yogurt in her food? I give Coco plain yogurt, 1 tbs., in every bowl of food. She loves it and she weighs 52.7 pounds....she's 10 months old.

All weight, she looks thinner than svelte to me!!....but she's just right, I think. 23 1/2 inches the withers.
OK, I tried to edit my own post and change the

weight to wet.....brain sludge today....

the forum won't let me edit my own post....says it isn't my own post....
I hate to leave a big typo in the climate around here lately....
oh well
Jane...I'll be nice...I promise!

My vet is under the impression/belief that you should not encourage you dog to eat more by adding "goodies" to their food. He says it encourages them to eat more than they actually need. I add to get her to eat, but monitor the amount she eats.
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Hmmm, Coco has always eaten what
I give her right away...unless it is exceptionally
hot outside and she doesn't have the same appetite...
I have given the yogurt for the extra calcium
for quickly growing bones since she was 8 weeks old.
That habit has gotten her to used to it, she doesn't
seem to enjoy her food as much without it....
so I still give it. I guess that was the vet's point in a way...
though she only eats as much as I give her.
She doesn't wolf it down quite as wildly as she used to.
Great news Gene!!!!!!!!!!
Sometimes vets are wrong and Moms & Dads are right.
So glad it is not an infection and/or scratch, I hope Miko does ok with the drops

Annabelle is a free feeder, except when she has house guests then she eats twice a day when they do
I'm glad it was something simple with Mikos eye. Thanks for taking such good care though... they can't say it, so I think sometimes we need to say it for them!

You're a GOOD dad!
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