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Green discharge in eye

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I came home from work today and Miko has a green discharge in her right eye. Other than throwing up a stick this morning, she's he rambuncious self and is eating right now. I figure it's an eye infection, or she caught my cold? Since it's the weekend, can I just give her the amoxicillin I have from her bladder infection. I'm going to call the vet on Monday, but til then....what do you all think??

Thanks in guys are the best!! :wink:
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Here's hoping the eye's better! Any chance your pooch has seasonal allergies? It IS that time of year!
I'm glad it was something simple with Mikos eye. Thanks for taking such good care though... they can't say it, so I think sometimes we need to say it for them!

You're a GOOD dad!
1 - 2 of 56 Posts
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