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Green discharge in eye

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I came home from work today and Miko has a green discharge in her right eye. Other than throwing up a stick this morning, she's he rambuncious self and is eating right now. I figure it's an eye infection, or she caught my cold? Since it's the weekend, can I just give her the amoxicillin I have from her bladder infection. I'm going to call the vet on Monday, but til then....what do you all think??

Thanks in guys are the best!! :wink:
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How's Miko's eye this a.m. Gene? Hope it's nothing too serious! Keep us posted!
Geesh Miko...I hope your eye is all better by now.....and wasn't it nice of Jonah to clean your face for you???? That's what I do for Molly every day!!! (but I don't think she likes it.. :cry: ) I'm sure if it's not better, your Dad will have it fixed in no time!!! :D

Your very own Dood,
Raleigh! :wink:
Wonderful news on Miko, Gene!!!!! We always worry so much about our Doodles, and are so releived when it turns out to be a minor thing! Glad all is well! :D :D
Glad to hear you're much better Miko!!!! We all love ya!! (Especially Raleigh!!! :wink: )
1 - 4 of 56 Posts
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