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Green discharge in eye

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I came home from work today and Miko has a green discharge in her right eye. Other than throwing up a stick this morning, she's he rambuncious self and is eating right now. I figure it's an eye infection, or she caught my cold? Since it's the weekend, can I just give her the amoxicillin I have from her bladder infection. I'm going to call the vet on Monday, but til then....what do you all think??

Thanks in guys are the best!! :wink:
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Just checked the eye and even used a flashlight....what a good girl she was. No scratch. I'm going to try to see if there's a call back # at the vets....thanks!
Just found vet recommends the emergency clinic in Akron for after hours consultation! It's an hour away, and not an I guess I'll keep a eye (no pun intended) on her eye, and see how it is when I get home from work at noon tomorrow. If it's still bad, I'll find a clinic a little closer........ :x
I checked her ears, but they were just their "normal" tom boy girl dirty. She seems fine, so we'll just play it by ear for now.
The clinic my cousin goes to actually has Sunday hours. they're a little more expensive, but not emergency hospital expensive. They're open 9-4 on Sunday, and it's about a 1/2 hour from here. So, if she's still discharging tomorrow, I'll call and take her in after work. Thanks for all the advice and concern.
Thanks Maureen. I had to get up for a 5:30am shift this morning, took the kids out to potty, and Jonah cleaned her face before I had a chance to check her eye! I'll stop at the pharmacy on the way home and see if they can help....then off to my regular vet tomorrow morning AM. Since he's (jonah) licked her eye, if it's an infection....made need a bigger dose of whatever the vet gives us! :wink:
Nurse Jonah is using doggy medicine on her today. He started this morning before I had time to check it out! I stopped on the was home from work and bought some eye wash just to keep it clean. Of course, jealous Jonah had to have his eyes washed out to.....he would NOT let me by til I put some in his eyes also....even though I could tell he hated it! Go figure! :roll: After all this, Nurse Jonah gave not only her eye a cleaning, but her whole face, both ears and her neck. Now she's wet and smells like wet slobbery dog! :shock: Guess it means he really loves his sister!! :wink:
We are going to the vet in the morning. With him licking the eye, I'm wondering if he'll get something also?
errrrr.....wait..... no........ I got it!!! "the was home" is the name of the shopping center where the Petsmart's located.....yeah, that's it!!
Just sitting here waiting for the vets office to open. Don't have an update on the eye because Nurse Jonah has already cleaned her up again! :lol:
Just got home from the's either a cold or allergies. Drops 3x a day til the pinkness goes away, then 3 more days. She is a svelte 54.6#'s and the vet is very impressed with her nature and behavior! He wasn't thrilled that I was adding yogurt to the food to get her to eat in one sitting! I never argue with him....can't win....but Miko would be a perfect free-feeder it it weren't for Jonah, so I do what I do! Besides, it's good for her! :twisted:
So glad.....much better $55 than over $100 plus gas and travel time!! :lol: This such a great forum to help us nervous dads and moms!! :wink:
Jane...I'll be nice...I promise!

My vet is under the impression/belief that you should not encourage you dog to eat more by adding "goodies" to their food. He says it encourages them to eat more than they actually need. I add to get her to eat, but monitor the amount she eats.
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Thanks for asking! It's much better. Still a little discharge, but no longer bright pink. Jonah's been leaving it alone now, so it must be getting better! :lol:
They are anti-biotic drops. The vet said the redness cold alos be from nurse Jonah's extreme cleaning also! :wink: She's still got a little discharge, but no longer that bright green.....still looks like boogers though! :shock:
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