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Great re-home family needs doodle!

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I was unsure where to post this, hope this is ok!
I have a wonderful family looking for an older 3-5 year old female doodle. They are an older couple and they are working with a trainer. The trainer suggested a Labradoodle. Altered would be PERFECT, but if not they would have it done. There are no children in the home, but they do have an older smaller dog. This would be a very loving home. I am open to any suggestions of refferals!
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Hi LIndsie, I know a breeder that is looking to rehome 2 Labradoodles that are housetrained, etc. His wife died within 3 mos of being diagnosed with cancer and he is having a hard time coping with children and dogs. Please e-mail me if you would like contact info.
Oh how awful....I hope your friend gets through the next days and months as smoothly as possible. How sad.....
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