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Gotta spread the love

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Canada is quite tired of feeling overlooked. Whenever someone comes it's the cute little pups that get all the notice and attention and she has let us know she is just as cute and wonderful as they are. ;) So to be fair, I got a couple of pictures of her today while she was inside getting spoiled and allowed to be on the new leather sofa.

Obviously she's a Lab... not a Doodle, but she has a dozen doodle offspring, so feels she deserves honorable mention at least. LOL
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Oh Montana...tell your Mommy that you're half a doodle!!! :wink: You're also a beautiful lab! Leather couch????? :shock: :shock: :shock: :wink:
Gorgeous! I love the gray, my Chase has lots of gray on his face. I call him my distinguished gentleman. :D
What a regal girl, and of course the proud mama of doodles is welcome.....besides, you know Jonah has a thing for labs...right Molly?
Canada you are gorgeous - I bet Raleigh is jelous, you get to sit on a leather couch.
Glad you are getting some xtra loving, you deserve it !
G are so pretty!!! Tell your Mom thanks for posting pics.
Canada we love to see pictures of you pretty girl
[/quote]you know Jonah has a thing for labs...right Molly?
Rrrrrrright Jonah!!!! :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
Molly :D

Hey Mary...Raleigh's not a bit jealous...he still lays on the couch, but now it's covered with old quilts from Walmart!!! fact I took him 'shopping' today (definately do not trust him alone anymore) $169.00?? :shock: NO WAY!!!! I'll fix the other one..thank you!
Beautiful! You bet she deserves the spotlight!
What a great looking lab!
in fact I took him 'shopping' today
Guess I should have specified that we were shopping for a new crate...I still prefer the soft sided one....the lady in Petco suggested I have the zipper would cost a heck of a lot less that $169.00!!! :shock: :shock:
The crate I have now I paid $30 or $40 for, and got it from Ocean State Job NH..of you think they'd have it around here??? :shock: Nope.....anyway, I'm going to try heavy duty velcro and hope it holds.....wish me luck!!! :wink: are one beautiful sweet loooking lab!!!!!

and kathie, why not stick to the airline crates? he won't ruin that one :wink:
I got Dakota's soft crate for $48 from WalMart. It is every bit as large as a hard crate--not quite as tall, but actually more width and depth. For reference, Dakota is about 80 pounds and he fits just fine with room to spare! If they don't have it in stock you can have it shipped to the store for no shipping charge.

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Oh Diane..I love ya!!!! That's exactly what I want...funny thing is, Petco is right across the driveway from WalMart, and feeling as lousy as I did, did not want to stop..I'd already been to PetSmart...You're a life saver!!!
((((((((Diane))))))))) That's basically what Raleigh has, only the top of his is more peaked for stand-up room...I agree...there's much more room in these....I think the only reason that Raleigh chewed the zipper was because Molly had gone in there with a bone!!! :shock: And naturally HE wanted it!!! hahahaha..Thanks again...I'm outta here tomorrow morning! :wink:
DIANE your mother taught you are the Sales Queen lately!

thank you!! i saw the prices before of these soft crates and said no way.
but $89 that's the same price as the hard enclosed crates at Walmart
MaxandMe said:
DIANE your mother taught you well...
:lol: :lol: :lol: I'll pass that on to her, Annmarie!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

And Kathie, good luck, glad I saw your post! You can also order it online from Walmart. It is a Petnation Port-A-Crate. Here's the link: ... on&ic=24_0

And after all this, I forgot about Canada!!! Hey beautiful girl--suck it up!!! :D Your the better half of the reason those cute little Dooldes happened anyway!!! :D Hope Moses isn't reading this . . . :wink:
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