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Got some great news!

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About ten days ago, we noticed a lump about the size of a marble on Henry's side so we took him to the vet. She removed the lump and said it was mostly fatty but the tissue in the middle of it didn't look right and she sent it away for analysis.

Needless to say, we've been pretty worried thinking it might be the big "C". The vet just called and said it was just an infected hair follicle and he'll be just fine.

I just had to tell someone and I knew everyone here would know the relief we feel. Some of the people I work with are the "it's just a dog" kind of people. So, thanks for listening.
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Wow Susan that is scary!! I am glad everything turned out alright. Make sure you give your lil guy extra hugs tonight.
Henry's a precious little doll, and certainly NOT just a dog :)

Hugs and happy to hear your news! that is GREAT NEWS!!! hip hip hooooooooooray Henry is fine!!! :D :D :D
Susan, glad to hear the good news. What a relief! Cali sends Henry hugs! :)
Wooh! Glad to hear Henry's okay!! What a scare! That happened to one of my furbabies a year or so ago, he came out of the anaesthesia pretty badly. How did Henry do with it?
Yay ! Henry I'm so glad it was not C and you are doing ok !!

rowendoodle said:
That happened to one of my furbabies a year or so ago, he came out of the anaesthesia pretty badly. How did Henry do with it?
Henry didn't do too badly. He alternated between being groggy and being a bit manic. I don't like having to put them through that.
Thank God it turned out well.
I can imagine you were just holding your breath till you heard.
You can always come to the forum with Henry stories. We certainly share your feelings and concerns, good news and bad. In this case...good news..give him a hug from Tanner and his family :) :) :)
So glad Henry is OK. When one doodle hurts, we all hurt for him. Big licks and hugs from Lucy, Henry!!
I'm so glad to hear Henry will be fine. I'm sure you've been worried sick.
So glad Henry is ok! Non-dog people just don't understand about these things - but then they miss out on all the love and good times too! My American Eskimo Dog died just two weeks after Tyke was born - it helped to know that there would be another puppy in the house, but I sure wish I had known about this forum then....even though she wasn't a doodle, it would have been such a help to have the support from all these wonderful people. Keep us up to date on the poor little guy's progress.....we are all thinking about you both and so glad it wasn't the "C" word!!!!
Thanks for all the good wishes and hugs! I passed loads of hugs onto Henry last night. When we heard the news, Andrew and I were hugging and whooping it up so Henry started jumping and barking along.

He was one spoiled fella last night.

Thanks everyone
I hate to admit it but I was once "one of them" :oops: .
Then my life dramatically changed late last December and now I totally understand the concern and worry and joy and smiles our four legged little ones provide!
I am so glad Henry is okay and that you've been released from that worry.
He is a darling pup! :D
Well done Henry! Big hugs :lol:
Good gor you little happy all is well! :wink:
OMG, that is so scary!! What a relief that it wasn't anything serious.

Henry, don't scare your mommy and daddy like that again. We would all cry if you were sick.
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