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Gorgeous chocolate LD in IA, and many more

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He looks like my Lani! I hope someone will adopt this georgeous doodle! How could anyone give him up????!!!
I know it. I said he looks like Fozzie! Someone is putting an application on him! Yeah!
Very cool!!!!
It seems like the number of labradoodles in shelters is rising very quickly. That is so sad :cry:
Yes, unfortunately, it is rising. About 3 months ago, I never had GD's listed, and now they are turning up also!
This is very sad and distrubing I think, I wish there was a way to prevent it. He is a beautiful dog nice color no fading which is hard to get with chocolate.

I wish all breeders would add to their contracts that the dogs must come back to them and not to shelters. Course if they bought from a PM those people could careless where the dogs end up!! :x
It is extremely disturbing! He is a gorgeous boy, and I hope someone does adopt him. I know someone was putting in an application, but not sure he is the right fit.
Shannon: I sent this link to the brother of a friend of mine who lives in St. Louis. He is very interested in getting a rescue dog. He may contact you. I hope he grabs this guy. What a cutie!
That would be great! They are very friendly at that shelter!
8 month-old doodle in St. Louis


I live in St. Louis and saw this ad on I don't know the circumstances.

Labradoodle Female 8 mos. Crate trained. Make offer 314-620-5792.
Thank you. We will call them and see if they want her listed on the poomix site.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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