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Hi guys, I was curious if someone could give me their best guess on the % of each breed my soon-to-be pup is. All I know is the mother is AKC registered chocolate lab, and the father is chocolate lab/giant poodle. Taking it one step further--The pups fathers father is a registered standard poodle and the father of the pups mother is a registered lab. (I hope that isn't confusing but I'm not familiar with the F-- terms)

Mother= AKC Lab
Father= Standard Poodle

Mother= AKC Lab
Father= F1?

Which makes my puppy a ________?

I'm reading up and trying to become as prepared as possible for my family's new little bundle of joy--but I'm super curious as to what she is "most" of. Thanks in advance!!

The first two pictures are of the pup, the third picture is of the mother, and the fourth picture is of the father.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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