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Gettin "fixed" isn't so bad....

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Look at the new shirt and toys I got.....

Now I can be just like Mom when she yells at the TV thing on Sat!!! I think she calls it football....
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Hey Maya,
I'm glad your surgery is all over and you are feeling okay!
WOW! You really scored in the treat and toy department ...
you have a really nice FoodLady.
I'm going to have to talk to mine about that :evil:
I think I need more treats and toys .... just because!

My FoodLady think you would be a great DOT for the I in
OHIO! I don't know what she is talking about (big surprise :? )
but she said your FoodLady would know!

Continue to get well ... don't lick your stitches, FoodFolks get all
happy when you don't lick your stitches ... and you'll be 500ing
in no time.

Woofs and Licks,
Your Friend Ebbe
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Only Tuba players get to dot the "I".
Yes ... but how 'bout an exception for a cute doodle like Maya?
you could attach a tuba on her back! :roll:
Many good thoughts for little Marley today! Let's us know how he's doing!
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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